The Best Hay Is Clean Hay
"Without a doubt the best hay for horses is clean hay. Hay
that is moldy or dusty should not be fed to horses, even when
the amount of mold or dust appears to be minor. Any hay (alfalfa,
timothy, clover, fescue) that contains dust or mold can
inflame the respiratory tract and impair breathing ability. Many
horses develop permanent lung damage after consuming moldy
or dusty hay. This chronic lung damage, commonly referred to
as heaves, affects the horse’s ability to breathe normally during
exercise. In severe cases heaves impairs the horse’s ability to
breathe normally at rest. Once a horse has been sensitized to
hay dust, mold, or pollen, it may react even when clean hay is
fed. Mold can have other detrimental effects on the horse as
well, such as causing digestive upsets". ---University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service 
Download the full 4 page article to learn about nutrients in hay, choosing hay, feeding round bales and more.

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